Koyama Sensei

Master Shojiro Koyama

Born: 1935

Retired: 2019

Style: Shotokan Karate

Teacher(s): Masatoshi Nakayama

Rank: JKA 9th Dan

Shihan Koyama was born in 1935 in Japan and started Karate training in 1951. After graduating from Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan, in 1958, he continued his karate training under Master Nakayama.

In 1964, under the direction of Master Nakayama, Master Koyama came to Phoenix, Arizona as a JKA Instructor. He formed the Arizona Karate Association and became the chief instructor. Master Koyama established Karate clubs at the two major universities in Arizona. Karate became an accredited PE class at Arizona State University, where he taught for over 35 years.

He also founded one of the oldest and ongoing karate tournaments in the United States over the past five decades. He taught Shotokan Karate internationally and helped develop JKA Karate in Mexico.

Koyama Sensei conducted numerous seminars and camps and wrote several books on karate. One of the pioneers who developed Shotokan Karate in the United States, not just the physical side of karate but instilled the Dojo Kun's principles into his students.

Koyama book Shotokan Karate - Traditional Karate for a Richer Life by Shojiro Koyama

In 1988 Master Koyama published his book, Shotokan Karate: Traditional Karate for a Richer Life.

Koyama Book Karate Health